Fix No Internet Access in Windows 7

I have just upgraded my PC to Windows 7 and since I never tried Windows Vista before; this new operating system is alien to me. Well, i never encountered any problem during the upgrade, its not really an upgrade since Windows 7 does not support upgrades from Windows XP to Windows 7.

The install was smooth so i proceeded to install the software i needed to work until i stumbled upon a problem along the way. My internet access got lost and i am somehow connected to an unidentified network instead. Its gotten more weird for i was able to browse the network. My only problem is that i am not able to connect to the internet.

It happened that before i installed Quicktime. I guess its the culprit, but i can’t uninstall it because i need it.

I first learned that by disabling and then enabling the local area connection, internet access is restored. Certainly its not the perfect solution and i can bare myself the pain in doing the same task every time i turn the PC on. Here is a video on how to disable and enable the local area connection.

If you are somehow not contented with the solution, you can always uninstall Quicktime or try disabling the Bonjour service. See the video on how i fixed it.

  1. The unidentified network *is* your wireless network that what’s really annoying about this issue!
    My network appears twice in the list of wireless networks, once with it’s real SSID and once as “unidentified network” I know the second one is the mine because the signal is maximum and I live miles from anyone else!

  2. I can’t even find any network in range..after going from XP to 7 I have no wireless access at all..tried everything..only wired works. 😐

  3. Thank you! For me it was the Bonjour service (I’m running BootCamp). Now works perfectly!

  4. Removing Bonjour solved the problem for me too. Thank you!

  5. I am having this problem and cannot find a solution to it that works. I have disabled the bonjour program. I have disabled andre-enabled the wireless network card. I have even deleted and reinstalled drivers for the wireless card. The only way I can get an internet connection is if I hard wire to the router. Otherwise I have that irritating yellow triangle over my connection icon and althoguh I have a strong signal and can connect to my network, I cannot get onto the internet.
    Does anyone know of any outside-the-box solutions that can help meÉ I am a complete novice with computers so any advice is appreciated.

    • you did not mention updating your os and updating your drivers, no internet access happened to me along time ago and constant windows updates fixed it.

  6. I can get no internet access on Windows 7 (upgraded by Dell from Vista) – unidentified network error – since uninstalling computer associates security suite. HELP!

  7. try uninstalling your network under devmgmt.msc; unidentified network would usually indicate you are not able to connect to the router. Check your router, restart it or reset it.

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